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marked the first occasion where president obama and his g.o.p. rival had a head to head opportunity to debate each other face-to-face. joining me now is the former new york city mayor and former presidential candidate, rudy giuliani. you're laughing. that is, you know $90 billion is a lot of money. he was right when he said a lot of the big bundlers got in there. >> what you just saw is what i would describe one of the six knockouts in that, he just knocked them down. and president couldn't even defend himself. >> did you see the president's body language? >> he is mad. i was not surprised at mitt's performance. he was on target. that was a perfect example of the fact very easily explained. he explained the economy to the american people the way you can understand it. you can understand why lowering taxes can help stimulate the economy what. shocked knee is how bad the president was. he looked lost and looked like he's searching for a teleprompter that wasn't there. and first segment on jobs and taxes romney beat him so badly he asked jim hehr, the president said let's move on to th
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)

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